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The Nikon D40 is a 6.1 megapixel, entry-level digital SLR camera with an APS-C equivalent Nikon DX sensor.

It does not have a built-in auto focus motor, which means that only F-Mount lenses with internal focus motors such as AF-I and AF-S models, can be used in auto-focus mode.

this kit also comes with the cord for USB connections and to charge the battery. please do not lose these cords

This camera is available to students with Photo Intermediate clearance.

What's in the kit?

Nikon D40 NikonD40 sm.png D40Lens.jpg Uv protector.JPG Nikon QCharge sm.png TargusSoftBag sm.png
Nikon D40 D40 Lens TiffenUV Protection Filter Nikon MH-23 Charger Soft Camera Bag

Auto Mode

Top view of the power switch and mode dial

Auto Mode is more commonly known as "Point and Shoot", this allows the user to take a picture more easily by letting the camera decide what settings to choose based on environmental conditions.

Step One

The first step would be to turn the camera on. Looking to the right flip the POWER SWITCH which is circled in red. Once the camera is in and the display monitor turns on you may remove the lens cap.

Step Two

To the right the mode dial is circled in green. Rotate the MODE DIAL to the AUTO MODE selection.

Step Three

Once the camera is on you are now able to take a picture. Circled in blue is known as the SHUTTER RELEASE button. While you're looking through the viewfinder, pressing the SHUTTER RELEASE will allow the camera to AUTO FOCUS. Once the image is in focus the camera will beep and you can press the SHUTTER RELEASE down. The camera will then take a picture.

Step Four

When the camera is not is use it is always proper to turn the camera off. All you have to do is rotate the POWER SWITCH back to the off position

Memory Card Slot

Open memory card slot

The Nikon D40 digital camera uses SD memory cards to store photos on. To your right is a view of the MEMORY CARD SLOT. To open it slide the cover toward you, the cover should pop open.

Recharging the Battery

Battery Cover

Battery pack taken out of the camera

Step 1
View of the BATTERY COVER. To open slide the switch toward the body of the camera and it will pop open. Slide the battery out. To recharge the battery remove it from the camera itself.

Recharging the battery

Recharging the battery pack

Step 2
Connect the power cord to the charger and plug it in. Place the battery in the charger and slide it forward until it locks. The CHARGE LAMP will begin to blink. When the battery is fully charged the CHARGE LAMP will go solid. A full charge takes roughly 90 minutes.

Reviewing Pictures

Reviewing pictures using the LCD screen

To review a picture click the PLAYBACK BUTTON which is circled in red to the left. To cycle between pictures click right or left using the MULTI SELECTOR which is circled in green to the left

Lens Cap

Attaching the lens cap

To protect the camera’s lens, please put the LENS CAP back on the camera when not in use. Just squeeze the clips toward each other and place back over the lens. Make sure it locks properly.

Full Manual

This tutorial went over basic operation of using AUTO MODE of the Nikon D40 Digital Camera. If you are interested in learning more on the advanced features please refer to the owners manual located on the Nikon website.

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