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Equipment Cave Clearance

As an Interactive Arts and Media Student, a variety of different equipment is available to you for educational purposes. All equipment above "Basic" level requires clearance permissions. You are able to gain specific clearances based off of your current classes, knowledge, or speaking to Huey Lewis.

Equipment Cave Tutorial Information

Beginner level equipment tutorials are for users who generally have never touched a specific piece of equipment. They will provide you with a basic knowledge of how to create different media.


Audio Basic Clearance

Audio Basic Accessories

Boom Mic Stand SM.png Akg k77 headphones sm.png Short Mic Stand SM.png
Boom Mic Stand AKG K77 Headphones Short Mic Stand

Audio Basic Recorder Kits

ZoomH4 sm.png
ZOOM H4 Handy Recorder

Audio Professional Clearance

Audio Professional Accessories

SonyMDR SM.png
Sony MDR-7509HD Headphones

Audio Professional Recorder Kits

Tascam HD-P2 CF DAR sm.png


Microphone Cables

XLR SM.png XLR SM.png XLR SM.png XLR SM.png XLR SM.png
6 Foot XLR Cable 10 Foot XLR Cable 20 Foot XLR Cable 25 Foot XLR Cable 50 Foot XLR Cable

Microphones Basic Clearance

Microphones Basic

Sennheiser evo835s sm.png Lavaliermic SM.png
Sennheiser 835 Dynamic-Cardioid Mics AT Pro 70 Lavalier Mics

Microphones Intermediate Clearance

Microphones Intermediate

Boom Mic Kit SM.png
AT897 Boom Mic Kit

Microphones Professional Clearance

Microphones Professional

CardiodMic SM.png OmniMic SM.png StereoMic SM.png
Cardiod-Condensor Mic Omni-Condensor Mic Stereo-Condenser Mic

Computer Peripherals

Computer Peripheral Clearance

Hard Drives

Buffalo320 sm.png
Buffalo 320GB External Hard Drive


Wacom SM.png Webcam SM.png
Wacom Tablets Logitech Webcam

Optical Drives

Extblurayplayer.png LaCie DVD-r sm.png
External Lacie Blu-Ray Burner Kit External Sony CD/DVD Burner Kit


Laptop Clearance

Dell Laptops

Dell Latitude D830

Lighting Kits

Light Kit Clearance

Light Kits

Light case sm.png Fluorescent light sm.png Gel Kit SM.png
Incandescent Light Kit Fluorescent Light Kit Gel Kits


Photo Basic Clearance

Photo Basic Accessories

Basic Photo Tripod SM.png
Basic Tripod

Photo Basic Camera Kits

Images PowerShotG2 sm.png Sony Cybershot DSC-P8 Sony P93 Cybershot SM.png
Canon PowerShotG2 Sony Cybershot DSC-P8 Sony P93

Photo Intermediate Clearance

Photo Intermediate Accessories

Photo Int Tripod SM.png
Intermediate Tripod

Photo Intermediate Camera Kits

Images sonyF828 sm.png NikonD40 sm.png
Sony Cybershot DSC-F828 Nikon D40

Photo Professional Clearance

Photo Professional Accessories

Images NikonSuperWide12-24mm sm.png Images NikonTelephoto80-400mm sm.png Pro Tripod SM.png
Nikon Still Wide Angle Lens Nikon Telephoto Lens Professional Tripod

Photo Professional Camera Kits

Nikon D70 Nikon D200
Nikon D70 Nikon D200


Video Basic Clearance

Video Basic Camera Kits

SamsunFC34 SM.png
Samsung FC34

Video Intermediate Clearance

Video Intermediate Accessories

VariZoom Steady Cam.png Frezzi Steady Cam.png Green Screen SM.png BeachTek XLR Adapter.png
VariZoom Steady Cam Frezzi Steady Cam Green Screen BeachTek XLR Adapter

Video Intermediate Camera Kits

SonyVX2000 sm.png
Sony VX2000

Video Professional Clearance

Video Professional Accessories

Video WideAngle SM.png Video Telephoto SM.png Pro Tripod SM.png PRO Beeachtek SM.png
Video Wide Angle Lens for FX1 Video Telephoto Lens for FX1 Professional Tripods BeachTek XLR Adapter

Video Professional Camera Kits

Sony fx1 sm.png
Sony HDR-FX1 Sony HVR-V1U HDV Camcorder