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csc CSharp Compiler

Microsoft (R) Visual C# .NET Compiler version 7.10.6001.4
for Microsoft (R) .NET Framework version 1.1.4322
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 2001-2002. All rights reserved.

                      Visual C# .NET Compiler Options

                        - OUTPUT FILES -
/out:<file>             Output file name (default: base name of file with main class or first file)
/target:exe             Build a console executable (default) (Short form: /t:exe)
/target:winexe          Build a Windows executable (Short form: /t:winexe)
/target:library         Build a library (Short form: /t:library)
/target:module          Build a module that can be added to another assembly (Short form: /t:module)
/define:<symbol list>   Define conditional compilation symbol(s) (Short form: /d)
/doc:<file>             XML Documentation file to generate

                        - INPUT FILES -
/recurse:<wildcard>     Include all files in the current directory and subdirectories according to the wildcard
/reference:<file list>  Reference metadata from the specified assembly files (Short form: /r)
/addmodule:<file list>  Link the specified modules into this assembly

                        - RESOURCES -
/win32res:<file>        Specifies Win32 resource file (.res)
/win32icon:<file>       Use this icon for the output
/resource:<resinfo>     Embeds the specified resource (Short form: /res)
/linkresource:<resinfo> Links the specified resource to this assembly (Short form: /linkres)

                        - CODE GENERATION -
/debug[+|-]             Emit debugging information
/debug:{full|pdbonly}   Specify debugging type ('full' is default, and enables attaching a debugger to a running
/optimize[+|-]          Enable optimizations (Short form: /o)
/incremental[+|-]       Enable incremental compilation (Short form: /incr)

                        - ERRORS AND WARNINGS -
/warnaserror[+|-]       Treat warnings as errors
/warn:<n>               Set warning level (0-4) (Short form: /w)
/nowarn:<warning list>  Disable specific warning messages

                        - LANGUAGE -
/checked[+|-]           Generate overflow checks
/unsafe[+|-]            Allow 'unsafe' code

                        - MISCELLANEOUS -
@<file>                 Read response file for more options
/help                   Display this usage message (Short form: /?)
/nologo                 Suppress compiler copyright message
/noconfig               Do not auto include CSC.RSP file

                        - ADVANCED -
/baseaddress:<address>  Base address for the library to be built
/bugreport:<file>       Create a 'Bug Report' file
/codepage:<n>           Specifies the codepage to use when opening source files
/utf8output             Output compiler messages in UTF-8 encoding
/main:<type>            Specifies the type that contains the entry point (ignore all other possible entry points) (Short
                        form: /m)
/fullpaths              Compiler generates fully qualified paths
/filealign:<n>          Specify the alignment used for output file sections
/nostdlib[+|-]          Do not reference standard library (mscorlib.dll)
/lib:<file list>        Specify additional directories to search in for references

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