Helloworld in csharp

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Hello world in C#

  1. open a text editor (I like to use SCiTE)
  2. type in
//HelloWorld in c#
//by Jeff Meyers jeff@iam.colum.edu

using System;
namespace HelloClass
    class HelloWorld
        public static void Main()
                Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

3 Save the file as HelloWorld.cs
4 Coplile the .cs file using csc or mcs
5 Use csc (windows) or mcs (*nix) ro compile

  • csc run the HelloWorld.exe created by csc
  • use mono to run the HelloWorld.exe created by mcs
  mono HelloWorld.exe

6 Post to your oop folder. I would make a folder called "Hw1". Then you should make a link to you file using the source browser like this

<a href="http://iam.colum.edu/oop/gbrowser.php?file=/ExampleStudentSite/oop/Hw1/HelloWorld.cs">
Home work One HelloWorld.cs

Post this link on you oop page

OOP Class1