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The index file should be named '''index.htm''' or '''default.htm'''
The index file should be named '''index.htm''' or '''default.htm'''
Feel free to build on the example site below
The zip file contains a skeleton file system which will need to be expanded throughout the semester, a sample CSS page, and an index similar to the required for the course. If you need help building or publishing the site please contact your teacher or IAM tutors outside of class.
==Course Objectives==
This project supports the following course objectives:
# Demonstrate the ability to integrate media into an interactive multimedia project.
# Demonstrate an understanding of the underlying concepts behind, and be able to create, interactive projects using current production technologies.
Example site: [http://janellbaxter.com/edu/aim/files/exampleportfolio.zip Example Class Portfolio]
Introduction to HTML: [http://www.janellbaxter.com/jb/edu/web/authoring/ Introduction to HTML Authoring (pdf)]
Tutorials at: [http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp The W3C Schools]

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Project 1: Class portfolio

Create Class Website

As part of this class you will be expected to create and maintain a class portfolio website. This website will showcase all of your in class and homework assignments. It is your responsibility to maintain links to all of your work. These links will be used for grading, and a missing link will be considered the same as a missing assignment.

This can be basic XHTML with some CSS (just to color text, links and backgrounds and control the font types -- something beyond the default settings).

Basic requirements:

1. Main page with active links to all other project and assignment pages.
2. Nine assignment pages and three project pages. Yes, you do need to make a Project 1 page which explains that the class site is their first project, and that it uses XHTML+CSS.
3. Full and consistent navigation on each page.
4. Pages must be valid XHTML

Date assigned AIM Class1
Date due Version 1AIM Class2

  • In your pub folder on iam.colum.edu you'll need to create a folder called AIM.
  • This folder should contain an index file with links to all of your other work. Please use a logical folder structure.



The index file should be named index.htm or default.htm