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Class Goals

  1. Review basic markup concepts from previous class
  2. Introduce CSS and give a tutorial on basic CSS
  3. Students create at least one CSS page (a basic one) for reference


Class Portfolio Website

[AIM Assignment 1] - Web site analysis project (emailed to instructor)

Reading: XHTML: Introduction (pgs 13-22), Chapters 1, 2, and 3

Review Markup

What is the connection between XML, XHTML and CSS?

What is the basic syntax form?

"Open" tags vs. "closed" tags

Block level vs. inline

Introduction to CSS

There are four ways to use stylesheets:

  1. In-line
  2. Embedded
  3. Linked (External)
  4. Import* 

In class we will discuss the first three methods and create an example of the third. The fourth method, import, will not be covered in class because there is sketchy support for it (which actually turns out to be a plus if you want a specific style sheet that some browsers won't be able to see or use).

Style Rules

  1. Selector
  2. Declaration

CSS Properties and Values

See also Appendix B in your XHTML text (pages 440-446)

Class Assignment

Create an experimental CSS file that does the following:

         * Use a div
         * Use a span
         * Use at least one class
         * Use at least one ID
         * Change the background color of a div, and the text color
         * Change the background color of a span, and the text color


AIM Assignment 2


XHTML: Chapter 24, pages 394-404; Chapter 8, pages 133-146; Chapter 9, pages 148-149

ZEN: Chapter 1, pages 9-33

Online Article: Peter Morville's Strange Connections

Online Article: Dan Willis's Classic IA Tools


AIM Class Quiz 01