Virtual Worlds Concepts

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Class 1 Vocabulary Words

  • in-world
  • cybersubculture
  • machinima
  • avatar
  • rez
  • sim (simulator)
  • prim (primitive)
  • sandbox
  • alt
  • lag

Class 2 Deconstruction of cybersubculture

  • What is culture?
  • people
  • behaviors
    • attitudes
    • art
  • clothing
  • music
  • cuisine
  • is often based on geography
    • there is no monoculture in the world, but there are dominant ones
  • What is a subculture?
  • a subset of a culture
  • grouped around similar interests, behaviors, attitudes, music, cuisine, art, etc
  • often going against the dominant culture
  • examples include: goth, punk, star trek (fans), fantasy, etc
  • cybersubculture
  • subculture on the 'net
  • global
  • Introduction to SL "groups"

Class 3

  • Discuss Cyberfeminism, Cybersexuality, Cyberbodies, Post-Cyberbodies
  • Discuss Robbins, Kevin. Cyberspace and the World We Live In. The Cybercultures Reader, Routledge. 2000.
  • Discuss 3 objects ou built that belong to a subculture
  • Advanced Building techniques
  • Texture and Light
  • User Experience
  • Terraforming
  • Animation
  • Field Trip 1 2 and 3.
  • Visit Science island (Science Friday)
  • Visit Terrapin Station

Class 4

  • Discuss Scaling Cyberspaces and Colonisation of Cyberspace

*Appearance and Attachments revisited (also HUDs) *Commerce in Second Life *Making a Living in Second Life *Field Trip 4,5, and 6 *Machinima *Overview of Scripted Objects *Narrative and Non-Narrative Interactivity *Scripting for Interacivity *Scriptng for Commerce *Scripting for Data Communication *Scriting For motion

Class 5

  • Discuss Activism in Second Life, Conscious Lounge

*Showing the Work in class *Discuss Group activity in Second Life *In-clas exercise:

  • Install on island

*Discuss Optimization