Time Based Composing class 11

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Today's schedule:

discussion of stories and sources

image/text relationships con't.

finish student demos

recording with the tascam

more on text in AE

any projects to look at?

in class exercise if time

Stories and where they come from:

  • They can be personal/autobiographical (or faked by your evil twin,or by projection):

In writing (from or to you personally, to/from/by family or friend)

Letters, emails, facebook entries, blogs [[1]]

  • They can be found/scavenged/arrived at by chance

In the garbage (letters, bills, final notices)

  • Myth/fairy tales

Can tell story literally or can personalize or take an ironic stance

Hans Christian Anderson [[2]]

  • Grimms’ Fairy Tales [[3]]

National Geographic site makes it clear that stories are modular

Relating myth to your own experience [[5]]

  • non literal relationship of sound to image: American Beauty scene [[7]]

  • News sources:

NY Times [[8]]

CNN [[9]]

Digg [[10]]

Indymedia [[11]]

More examples of text and image relationships

article Image and Word: Sounding the Limits and Power of a Binary [[12]]

The Machine is Us/ing Us [[13]]

Scott McCloud [[14]]

Dick Cheney [[15]]

Using the Tascam HD-P2 to record