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A syntax error is a type of error that will prevent the code from compiling at compile time.


Syntax errors will be a common sight. The most famous is forgetting to add a semicolon at the end of a line of code. Most of the time, syntax errors are quick to resolve.


Because syntax errors prevent the code from compiling, compiled programming languages (such as C#) will not allow the user from running the code until the error is resolved.


string name = "John Doe"; 

Console.WriteLine(Name); // This is a syntax error because we are trying to print "name" but this line of code says "Name". Although it seems insignificant, this code will not compile because there is no variable with the identifier "Name".


In Microsoft Visual Studio, syntax errors are typically underlined in a red squigly line to try to help identify them.

Syntax errors are kind of like grammatical errors in writing, and solving them requires a similar strategy to fixing grammatical errors.

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