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Recording Level


Analog VU meter - nominal level 0dB VUMeter.jpg

Digital Meter - nominal level -12dB - 16dB DigitalMeter.png

Red line shows last Peak. Numbers at the top show loudest Peak.

Audio Effects

We can only affect three thing Amplitude,Time,Frequency


  • Mute
  • Normalize
Adjust volume relative to peak or nominal level
  • Fade (in/out/graphic) or Envelope
  • Compressor
Reduce dynamic range. As the amplitude aproaches a threshold it is reduced by a specified by a ratio


  • Pitch Bend/Shift
Adjust pitch up or down by semitones or cents
  • Time Stretch
Strech time with or without changing pitch


  • EQ
Adjust the amplitude of certain frequencies

Show Reverb


todo create demo online


todo create demo online

Types of audio effects

DirectX - non destructive real time effects like TDM but runs on CPU

DirectX and TDM effect are restricted by the amount of processing power.

TDM's run on a single dedicated processor and DirectX effects run on the CPU.

Digital buses audio

Serial vs Parrallel

SPDIF - sony philips digital interface format RCA Cable

AES/EBU Audio Engineering Society/ European Broadcasting Union XLR or fiber


Home work

Sound for Interaction Voice Recording

Edit Voice Track as best you can