Sound for Interaction class 1

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Overview of Class

In class

  • Read the syllabus...
  • Discuss Technologies and Projects
  • Intro to Lab
  • Sign up for Accounts
  • Create websites
  • Discuss Interactive Sound

Introduction to the Lab

  • Windows XP clients
  • Siam2 and z:\
    • z: needs to have a folder called SFI.
    • This folder should contain a sub folder for each project.
    • These project folders are where you should store you projects and any work files you use while you are still working on them.
    • z: also needs to have a folder called pub (this is your public website)
    • If you don't have a pub folder you can request one @
    • The pub folder needs to also have a folder called SFI.

This is the folder that is linked to from my

You are responsible to build and Maintain a student website for class. For your homework this week please create a class portfolio website. Here's an example of a really nice student folder
You can download these files from

There many more examples on the MTD2 Student Sites page. Be creative but make sure that you keep the design fairly simple as you will have to update the site weekly.

link to share (local ie only [[\\siam2\user\test])

Technologies and Projects

For Sound for interaction class will be using several multimedia authoring tools
We will use

The class will consist of several small projects using each of these authoring tools and one large project that will use them all.


Static, Dynamic, Interactive

What is sound for Interaction?

What Makes Media Dynamic?

What Makes Media Interactive?

Home Work

Create a website for the class.