Sound and Motion Assignments

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Assignment 1 - 10 shots

bring in a shot (video) of each of the following elements, with synch sound. Think about visual style, point of view, composition, lighting, and the relationship of each shot to the other.

1.Footstep(s) on stair(s)

2.Door slamming

3.Throwing a pair of dice

4.Light going out

5.Person crossing the street

6.Taking a bite from an apple


8.Putting something in a bag

9.Opening a drawer

10.Sharpening a knife

Due week 3

in Classfolders/Drop/Asn.1_shots name your shots "". Use your last names in sequence if you are working in a group.

You will be asked to combine these into a narrative in the near future. You may find it useful to create a storyboard for these shots, to help you fit them together more predictably. [[1]] [[2]] [[3]]

Assignment 2 - 10 shot narrative

create a story from the pool of shots created by the class, using as many or as few as you’d like from each group of shots. You can use exclusively your own shots if you prefer. 10-60 sec. Link to your website as .mov file with codec h264. Due week 4.

example of a successful series of shots with great suggestive power [[4]]

Assignment 3 - Graphical Match

Create a short piece using one or more pairs of graphically matched shots with contrasting content and create a sound track for it. The parameters of the assignment will almost of necessity require using a tripod. Due week 6

Asn. 3 S&M

Critique guidelines/grading rubric

1. Does the work demonstrate a grasp of the principles introduced in lecture and in readings such as:

       a.   Composition of single images (for eg?)
       b.   Composition across images (transitions/editing)
       c.   Economy of means (is everything essential)

2. Relationship of sound and image

       a.   how does sound influence our understanding of the image
       b.   how does sound function across transitions
       c.   how does sound define meaning

3. How does the meaning of the piece relate to the theme of the class?

4. Technical considerations

       a.   Are image and sound of acceptable quality
       b.   Are  sound and image properly timed with each other

Asn. 4: CompositionCombo

Create a piece in which some contrast between the meaning/content of at least two areas of the screen is based on a graphical motif/compositional element.

See Bill Viola’s “The Reflecting Pool” or “Ancient of Days” for an example. The sound track should call attention to each element in turn.

How clearly were the areas of the screen delineated?

How well did form and content work together?

Does the piece convey a meaning?

Does it grip the viewer?

Due week 9.

Asn. 5 final project

Create a 3-5 min. video with sound based on an interview that interprets the story told. You can use the original interview sound, sound that you record, FX that are copyright free or to which you have legal access, and music that you create or to which you have the rights. This is not a music video, music can support but should not be the entire sound track. Due week 15.

Asn. 5 interview Due week 11

Asn. 5 treatment Due week 12

Asn. 5 storyboard Due week 13