Sound & Motion class 15

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Asn. 5 final project

Create a 3-5 min. video with sound based on an interview that interprets the story told. You can use the original interview sound, sound that you record, FX that are copyright free or to which you have legal access, and music that you create or to which you have the rights. This is not a music video, music can support but should not be the entire sound track.

Things to consider in evaluating the work during the critique:

- Does the work have a cohesive structure? That is, does it move from initial question or proposition through development to conclusion?

- Does the work take an innovative approach to dealing with a subject?

- Does the work have a compelling theme/subject?

- What statement does it make? (what is its outlook on life)

- If you could change one thing to make it better, what would it be?