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Asn. 5 final project

Create a 3-5 min. video with sound based on an interview that interprets the story told. You can use the original interview sound, sound that you record, FX that are copyright free or to which you have legal access, and music that you create or to which you have the rights. This is not a music video, music can support but should not be the entire sound track. Due week 15.

Asn. 5 interview Due week 11

Asn. 5 treatment due week 12

Example treatments for War and Peace

"Unanswered Questions"

Why do we go to war?

What do individuals in combat feel, think, and suffer?

How do they carry that experience into their peacetime lives?

How does their experience affect their families?

These and other issues will be explored in this 5 minute short that employs interview(s) with veterans, man on the street responses and archival footage to look at the impact of war on the individual and on society.

A tone of tragedy punctuated by the occasional light moment is brought to life using children’s drawings, re-enactments and home movies to bring the impact of war on its participants to our attention. Accompanying these images are the voices of veterans, of their families, and of the filmmaker that combine to create an eloquent eulogy to those fallen in battle. The film ends with a question mark - is there a peaceful alternative to combat, and how do the violence and trauma of war inflect the lives not only of the veterans themselves but of us all.

"Don’t Leave Home Without It"

This darkly humorous reflection on war uses the catch phrase of a popular credit card and applies it to the ubiquitous M16 used by US troops for the last 50 years. The narrator’s voice is that of an anonymous soldier who narrates his fictional but representative experience of combat in the major conflicts of the several decades (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq1, Iraq2). Maps of the world whose political boundaries expand and contract with changing times and actual B&W photographs and archival footage from the Prelinger archives of soldiers whose identities have been erased help tell the story of a (fictional) soldier who cannot die, and who is forced to repeat his battles for eternity. His character is animated using Flash to walk through battles that rage around him, while he changes uniforms and locations in this 3 minute walk through time.

On writing a treatment:

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