Premiere Render Demo

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In order to show all your hard work on premiere off to the world you must first render you animation out in a from that is easily accessible.

We are going to render our rough animtions in two popular formats. Those formats are

Windows Media and QuickTime

Premiere offers two ways to render out your project.

one is to choose file\export\movie and choose all the settings you want
The other one is to choose file\export\Adobe Media Encoder and use the exporter settings

To render in premiere we are going to use the Adobe Media Encoder since it is easier to setup.

Render as windows media 9 file AdobeMediaEncoderWindowsMedia9MTD2.png

Render as QuickTime File AdobeMediaEncoderQuickTimeMTD2.png

Optional Render as a Flash Video File AdobeMediaEncoderFLV.png