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The Eye

The eyes resolution is much higher that that of a digital camera or video camera. The human retina has about 6,000,000 color sensing cone cells and more than 100,000,000 rods that perceive light and dark.

The rod cells are sensitive enough to detect single particle of light (photon) and fire off an signal to the brain. As few as six of these single photon signals is enough for the brain to perceive a light flash.

Dynamic Range

Light contrast of 100:1 or 1,000,000:1 over time

Color Vision

Digitizing Video

Helical Head recording Toshiba Firsts

Videotape1HelicalHead.gif Videotape2HelicalHead.gif

RGB Red Green Blue 8Bits each [3(RGB) *8(Bits) = 24 Bit color] or 2^24 = 16777216 colors Color Video uses [1]YCC (YUV(PAL)/YIQ(NTSC)) to be compatible with Black and White Broadcast

Y is luminance (same luminance used in B&W broadcast). Luminance determines the brightness of the pixel The Two C's (the c's are known as chrominance) determine the hue.

Analog Video


One Cable. The luminance and color signals are merged onto one cable. Because of this merging some information is lost due to interference.

S-Video (better)

Separates the luminance and color signal onto separate cables that are encased in one cable

Component (best)

Each of of the YCC is given its own cable
Tape Format Video Format Quality Applications
VHS Composite Good Home Video
S-VHS, Hi-8 S-Video Better pro-sumer, industrial video
BetaSP Component Best broadcast

Chroma Sub sampling

Because the human eye is less sensitive to color than to luminance, the chroma is often recorded with lower definition. 4:2:2 color 4:1:1 color

Digital Video(DV)


Digital Cameras

Cameras use a Charge Coupled Device (CCD) to convert light into electricty. [How Digital Cameras Work] A 3CCD camera splits the incoming light into three beam and uses three CCD's to capture each of the RGB values. A 1 CCD Camera can use a color filter array like the Bayer filter pattern to record the RGB color information.

Bayer filters have twice as many green pixels


  • Read Adobe DV Primer
  • Practice and demonstrate motion tweening and onion skin animations in two different flash files save as .swf
  • Animate on frame of you boards using motion tweening or onion skinning