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Todo's iam.colum.edu

From SummerFun:

  • Get part time faculty to read the website
  • Documentation
       o Network Docs - Jeff & Mark
              + Network wiki 
       o Clean up wiki , categorize pages - SallieDotGordon 
       o make sure every page has a category, remove stubs. 
  • Super fun work for studio aides - Jeff & Andy & Brian
       o go through Wikidocs, make an inventory
       o test the data on each page, make sure things work as they are written
       o report each test as successful
       o report changes that need to be made
       o anticipate changes that will still be needed 

Web Programming Projects - Jeff

   * Equipment Checkout System
   * WorkAid Time System
         o Tutor Feedback System
         o Email coordinators and tutors 
  1. Upgrade MediaWiki, phpBB, wordpress - Jeff & Andy

redo SL pages, addphotos

  • Update Course Diagrams
  • add content to course pages \\siam2\ClassFolders\ClassWebTemplates\ inprogress
    • MTD2 done
    • TBC done
    • 3dcomp1 done
    • AIM done
    • CCIE done
  • Skin word press and phpbb for consistent look josh started this michililia did this for game.colum.edu
  • Pictures for facilities page ipsome pictures added
  • -facilities page needs some pictures todo: add pictures I think Annette wants pictures _on_ the page, from a

design perspective.

  • IAM Gallery started under classfolders webste we should make a lnks page that links to selected class sites what ever happened to the featured class teasers
  • make map of IAM
  • Search Bio Page
  • Form page fonts and padding Featured exhibition
  • Contact Page data should come from xml or database
  • Get rid of this wiki page and build a cool todo on the site
  • need a better system for sizing Columns. Probably should have just used tables.
  • grey box around home navigation doesn't show up in IE6. Can't get it to work for the life of me.
  • revive links page
  • point to bibliography pages
  • add class ads (link to class pages)
  • add core classes as separate entry
  • revive workers webapp
  • equipment checkout website

Todo's game.colum.edu

  • Post Roll Course Rollout is this posted on collage?
  • Make icons for Four concentrations
  • Forums ip installed

The Done That list

Added in resources

Andy 3/26/07

  • Contact page: changed tmtaylor@colum.edu so it actually mails to tmtaylor@colum.edu, instead of fcrist@mexus.colum.edu

  • Add Bios
  • Add links from contact page to bios
  • Make Events page pull from sql or xml. Allow users to add events via website
  • create new side nav like collage
  • link to old manifest site
  • link to new manifest site
  • enter URL for games in gamedb
  • Collage site map
  • collage integrate main iam page
  • collage intergrat iam.colum.edu nav links
  • GET LDAP authentication to work DONE
May be a larger problem with DNS and active directory NOPE
  • check http://iam.colum.edu/resources/trouble.aspx form to make sure that Trouble Shooting Steps Taken is not truncating text
  • add Web minor course digrams/info
  • add new games to gamedb
  • build aspx pages that can add/edit games and devolopers

AO 2/23/07

  • fixed wordpres broken hard links

AO 2/22/07

  • Added Bigger IAM at top of main page
  • Added link from blog back to IAM from wordpress
  • Added animation to DM and Academics page
  • Featured faculty is looking quite blank to me. We should fill it or remove it. //commented it out
  • also changed BMetzger URIs to conform to internal page link

BN 2/20/07

  • 'contact' should be brown now, not yellow.
  • on some of the pages, the R hand menu slides down below the images on the L, is this just a Safari thing? Doesn't happen on all pages. Seems like this is limited to the events page currently
actually it happened in all browsers and was a missing closing div tag.

AO 2/19/07

  • changed programs to academics, looks like crap, but it works
  • fixed fonts in colum 3 on the index page, created spacing issues
  • fixed featured artist links so they go to our internal page
  • wrote blog entries for front page
  • edited Wordpress theme file so that tagline was more readable
  • added briley and jbaxter to About and Contact pages in Wordpress