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Part 1 Prepare the Audio Files

Sound for Interaction Flash Piano Part2 Sound for Interaction Flash Piano Part3

We are going to build a piano in flash. The project will teach pitch tools in sound forge, reinforce the action script we learned in the first flash project and teach more about flash buttons. Unfortunately flash is lacking in pitch processing tools to we will need to pre process all the files in sound forge before we import them into flash.

Select an Audio sample that will be you base sample

Open the file that you selected it in Sound forge. Edit out any empty space at the begging or end of the file and make sure that it doesn't to pop when looped(you can use fade in and fade out to make some quick fades).


We need to alter the pitch of this sound file to cover one octave. We will pitch shit the file up six times and down six times. Select the entire sound file (double clisk it, ctr-a, or edit/select all). Then select Effects/Pitch/Shift.


Now change the semitones slider to positive 1. If you want all of the smaple to be the same length you can also select 'Preserve Duration'. If you select 'Preserver Duration' You also need to select a mode. Experiment with differnt modes to find the one that sounds the best.


After you pitch sift the sound save it with a different name. My original sound was called ploor.wav so I saved the 1 semi tone pitchshfted wave as ploorPlus1.wav.


Continue pitch shifting until you have cover one whole ocatve. I did six up and six down. I know thats 13 (12 is better than 12 right).

Sound for Interaction Flash Piano Part2 Sound for Interaction Flash Piano Part3