Sony VX 2000 Camera Kit

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Video Intermediate Camera Kit - Sony VX2000

The Sony VX2000 is an Intermediate video camera.

This kit requires a mini DV tape to record.

This kit also comes with several cords including Firewire/USB, Power Cable, and Composite Audio/Video Cable.

This kit also contains a remote.

This camera is available to students with Video Advanced clearance.

What's in the kit?

V1UBag.jpg SonyVX2000.jpg Battery1.jpg
Video Camera Bag Sony FX1 Battery
Charger.jpg AVcables.jpg Firewire.jpg
AC Adaptor Composite Audio/Video Firewire

Other items you will need.

You will need to buy a Mini DV Tape in order to record data.

Mini DV Tape

How to attach the battery

BatteryOut.jpg BatteryGoingIn.jpg BatteryIn.jpg

Image one shows the battery slot without a battery in it. To insert the battery simply line it up and slide it into the slot. Image two shows the battery slot with the battery attached.

How to insert a tape

First push the Open/Eject Button to pop open the tape compartment.


Next wait for the tape holder to completely open itself.


Then slide the tape into the slot. Last pinch the tape slot closed with your fingers and wait for the slot to completely retract. Then close the compartment.


Recording and Playback

The Sony VX2000 Camera has the ability to record and playback video as well as copy images to the Mini-DV tape.

The fist basic function is how to record and playback video. There are two different locations to record and zoom. The first is located on top of the camera and the other on the right which is accessible while using the hand strap. This location is also where you turn the camera on/off and switch between Camera and VCR modes. The audio settings are located to the right of the tape compartment. There are settings for Auto/Manual and Audio Level. The viewing screen is located on the top of the camera. On the inside of this screen are buttons that control different functions of the camera. Such as play, rewind etc. for playing back footage

Also located on the left side of the camera and the back left of the camera are buttons and settings for Gain, Shutter Speed, White Balance and Iris. Other settings include Focus, Filter, Light Shot Transition and Menu. When any of these buttons are pressed the corresponding menu will appear on the viewing screen. Use the scroll wheel on the back left to scroll though and select different options and settings.

Instruction Manual

This is the Sony Instruction Manual: |}