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Benefits of Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming was made for humans by humans to help deal with the complex, irrational, rigid system that is the computer. Object Oriented languages don't benefit the machine very much but they do benefit the humans that need to program the machine.

  • Ease of maintenance :
    • no more file new project most code need to be maintained for long period of time. This gets even more difficult with many authors. It's very rare to hit file-> new project in the real world
  • Extend-ability
    • Flexible modular clean code lasts much longer. We will make a new project every week but solutions and projects are often used in a modular fashion. Groups of loosely coupled objects are one of the goals in object oriented programming
  • Re-usability
    • Once a problem has been solved with OOP the solution can often be reused over and over again. One of you goals is to keep code DRY
      • Don't (or at least try not to)
      • Repeat
      • Yourself
    • of course this concept can be stifling to beginning programmers so we will also try to adhere to the K.I.S.S principal


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