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Windows Actice Directory Accounts

All students in the IAM Major will receive an account on our local servers in the iam.local domain.

This account gives each IAM student 1.2 gig of storage on our file server.

The IAM Dept will also provide each student with a student web site on the iam.colum.edu server. Students will recive their website after they have filled out our Web Site Contract. Student website can be found @ http://iam.colum.edu/students

This storage space is available on our local network. This space is currently mapped a your z: drive on windows machines or available on the local server SIAM under the user share. This share is accessable under unix as smb:\\SIAM\user\username or under windows as \\iam.local\user\username

Student storage is also available off campus via ftp (passive mode) or sftp. See the filezilla ftp faq is you have trouble.

ftp clients



Network / FTP Instructional

Linux Acccounts

We also offer all IAM students accounts on out linux server IMAMP http://imamp.colum.edu. IMAMP offers many open source packages including MySQL, PostgreSQL and PHP.


Asset Library

IMLibrary and IAMLibrary

only availble on the local network connect to \\IMLibrary or \\IAMLibarry
  • MSDNAA we are mambers of MSDNAA so IAM students can recieve many Microsoft Products for free.
  • Sound Library
    • Sound Ideas
    • Acid Loops
    • Music Samples
  • Linux