Disable and re-enable network card on Vista

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We have been experiencing a software error in Windows Vista with how it handles the network driver on certain machines. Sometimes when waking from sleep, the machine will connect to the network, but not be able to connect to the internet. Until a hotfix is released from Microsoft, this issue can be solve in one of two ways. If you're patient enough, you can restart the machine and it should be back to normal. Alternatively you can force the computer to reload the network driver by disabling, then re-enabling the connection.

To do this:

Vista network reset 2.png

  • Right click on the Network Connection Icon in the bottom left of your screen (the one with the two little computer monitors on top of eachother), and select Network and Sharing center

Vista network reset 3.png

  • Click on Manage Network Connections

Vista network reset 4.png

  • Right click on Local Area connection, and select disable
  • Right click on Local Area connection, and select enable