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Reserving a Space

Qualified projects may request space for auditions, rehearsals, or general meetings. Space for these activities may be requested using the college’s online Space Scheduling system that is accessed through Oasis under the Student tab. For more information, see the quick start guides below.

Request any general space available for your day/time selected, and request multiple recurring days/times if necessary. Each request should include the course and instructor name that the project is associated with. Once submitted, you will receive an email verifying that your request is being processed. An additional email will verify that your reservation for the space has been confirmed. Please have this confirmation with you to show security in the appropriate building before accessing your reserved space. If reserving a space for a Saturday or Sunday, the request must be submitted by 3pm on the Friday before.

Filming on Campus Criteria

A reservation must declare intent to shoot and should be scheduled under the Filming on Campus link. Additional approval will be necessary before the reservation is confirmed. Space approval takes at least 2 weeks to approve and additional information will be requested. Keep this in mind to avoid last minute disappointments by making your arrangements well in advance of your projected production. Any request submitted without this lead time will be denied.

Due to the high volume of requests we receive asking to access department and college facilities in support of production, we have implemented the following review process:

  1. A brief one to two paragraph description of the project, including the action that will be taking place in the space requested.
  2. A proposed schedule (including when you plan to load in, intended production design, shoot, strike and load out) for the specific shoot.
  3. A crew list (crew positions and if possible the names of anyone already assigned to fill those—we’re particularly interested in the names of key personnel, like producer, director, cinematographer), and names of any people handling equipment. Also include the total number of crew that will be in attendence.
  4. A list of equipment that you’ll be requesting access to as part of this request.
  5. Please identify the class name and instructor, and the parameters of the class project.

Submit this information to Jennifer Albin (contact information listed below). This is the first step for approval. If approved this means simply that your project is eligible to use department facilities. Date availability, scheduling and final authorization for use will need to be secured by the facilities administrator and is subject to all the standard college, department, facility and equipment policies and procedures.

Prohibited Areas: Filming in restrooms, stairwells, elevators, fire escapes, docks and maintenance areas are always prohibited.

For additional information please contact:

Jennifer Albin
Coordinator of Academic Services

EMS Web App - quick start guides

These are downloadable instructions for using the EMS web application

EMS Quick Start - Requesting a space

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