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Associate Chair, Interactive Arts and Media and Coordinator of Programming (BA, BSc, minor)

Janell teaches simulation and serious game design, programming, teamwork, interactive media development, and capstone courses. Her professional work includes engineering bots and building simulations and software. She's been involved in a range of development projects, from commercial work to simulations and serious game-like experiences funded by grants. Her primary interest in building interactive work is to create experiences that are meaningful and relevant to those who use them, and that embody traits on the higher end of the interactive spectrum: participant-centered, responsive, adaptive, dynamic, and immersive.


PROG 101 Introduction to Programming

Learn programming concepts as you problem-solve with code, develop algorithms and create object-oriented applications. Topics covered throughout the semester include data structures, repetition, sequence control structures, program design, testing and foundational programming best practices.

PROG 201 Object Oriented Programming I

Create applications utilizing object-oriented, event-driven strategies. Design principles such as modularity and abstraction, and object-oriented principles such as encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism are covered throughout the semester as you build several small projects for your portfolio.


Code Adventure

Build an adventure game as a console application and along the way learn fundamental programming concepts and C#.

Programming is Fun

Tutorials and information about programming (multiple languages).