MTD2 class 6

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In class

  • Transducers/Microphones
  • Connectors
  • Audio Levels
  • DAT Demo
  • Scan Demo

Audio Levels

Good Level Audio Levels

Mic level - The level (or voltage) of signal generated by a microphone. Typically around 2 millivolts. Compare this with the two normal line levels (1.228V:+4dBu and .316V:-10dBV)

Phono Level - little larger than mic level also has equalization based on standardized RIAA curve. use phono input a line

Line Level - . There is an international standard for the level of inputs; it is around -10dBV(.316V) for semi-pro equipment, and about +4dBu(1.228V) for "pro" equipment. Line level outputs can come from tape decks, CD players, tuners, DAT decks, effects, etc.

Speaker level - higher voltages for speakers Rane Pro Audio Reference dB Interactive Design Tools: Utilities : VRMS / dBm / dBu / dBV calculator Analog VU meter - nominal level 0dB Digital Meter - nominal level -12dB - 16dB

Red line shows last Peak. Numbers at the top show loudest Peak.


Transducer = a device that converts one type of energy to another. A microphone converts acoustic energy to electrical energy. A speaker converts electrical energy to acoustical energy. They are both transducers.


good readin Audio Technica Guide to Microphones

Types of microphones

  1. Dynamic
  2. Condenser
  3. Ribbon
  4. piezo electric (contact Mic)

other (Stereo, binaural, PZM- pressure zone microphone

Microphone Comparison

Parameter Dynamic Condenser Ribbon
Frequency Response Good Best Worst
Dynamic Range Good Good Worst
Durability Best Good Worst

Audio connectors

   * 1/8" (3.5mm) Connectors Jack Plug Connectors Tip ring sleeve File:Connectors eighth.jpg
     mono Connectors_Eighth_mono.jpg stereo File:Connectors eighth st.jpg
   * 1/4"(6.35mm) Connectors
   * Banana Plugs/Binding Posts [image:Connectors_bannana.jpg]
     speaker level Bayonet Neill-Concelman/British Naval Connector type of signal varies or BNC
   * RCA-Type
     video left audio right audio
   * XLR Microphone

Bluffers guide to WIRES AND CONNECTORS

Scan, color correct, and crop boards demo Scan, color correct, and crop boards

   * Scan borads into Photoshop/Gimp
   * Use Photoshop/Gimp to correct color (we don't want color just rclean black and white)
   * Use Photoshop/Gimp to crop frames to correct size and aspect ratio
   * Save as a series of uncompressed images

InClass Articulate Cuts from storyborads what motivates each cut

   * What visual changes are there in the scene?
   * What audible changes are there?
   * What is the time reference?

Homework Scan, color correct, and crop boards Links Link1