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(Job Descriptions)
(Job Descriptions)
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*Keeping labs clean and orderly
*Keeping labs clean and orderly
*Abide by the department's NO FOOD, NO DRINKS policy and make visitors aware of this policy.   
*Abiding by the department's NO FOOD, NO DRINKS policy and making visitors aware of this policy.   
*Installing and updating lab software  
*Installing and updating lab software  

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IAM Student Employee Handbook

The Workers App

The IAM department has a web application for student workers to keep track of work functions. It is used to review schedules, log hours, list pay periods, and track ongoing tasks.

This application is reached by logging into the http://iam.colum.edu website, and clicking on the Workerz link. Each week, you also need to login to the MYC Self Service tab located at the bottom of the OASIS page. After logging in, click the MAIN Menu, Self Service, Time Reporting, Timesheet. This is where you enter hours worked for Payroll. Do so every week.


IAM student employees are expected to report to work at their scheduled times, to help students, staff, and faculty use the department facilities. Students will also assist staff with various department related projects as they come up.

Job Descriptions

Work aides are responsible for the following:

  • Assisting IAM Staff and Faculty with any projects presented to the student
  • Assisting IAM students with basic technology in the lab, logging on, scanning, printing, and basic network use, and basic software operation
  • Opening the lab in the morning, locking up at night. You are expected to be the first ones in and the LAST people to exit the room. NEVER leave a room open and unattended.
  • Assisting IAM students with software / hardware troubleshooting
  • Documenting procedures *Taking reservations for Equipment Checkout *Checking out equipment to Students, Staff, and Faculty *Checking in equipment from Students, Staff, and Faculty
  • Ensuring all pieces of equipment are checked out and returned correctly, and in working condition
  • Periodic maintenance of IAM equipment
  • Assisting students with selection and operation of equipment
  • Assisting IAM Faculty with classroom AV equipment
  • Keeping labs clean and orderly
  • Abiding by the department's NO FOOD, NO DRINKS policy and making visitors aware of this policy.
  • Installing and updating lab software
  • Instructing students where to go in an emergency situation
  • Tutoring IAM Students with advanced skills and concepts taught in IAM classes
  • Writing tutorials for department related skills and posting them on the department wiki

Tasks and Completion

Student workers should make helping other students in the lab the top priority. There are many tasks student employees need to do when they are not busy supporting students, just ask the supervisors.

Daily Tasks

There is an EQ Cave maintenance checklist posted on the cave doors. All items on this list must be performed daily. The worker who assumes responsibility for a task on a given day, should initial the checklist, verifying that they have completed the task.

When employees encounter anything out of place in the lab, they are expected to address it. Make sure chairs are pushed in, monitors are straight, and that all keyboards, mice, and headphones are neatly laid out. Throw away any trash, and clean up any messes.

Ongoing tasks

Ongoing tasks (things that may take longer than a shift), generally in the form of a "Work Request", will be assigned to employees through the Workers App. Tasks will appear in the MyRequests section of the app. Students are expected to check the app for new requests every time they punch in. When a student works on a task, they should update the work request with any pertinent information. This information will be available to other employees who may pickup where you left off.

Work Demeanor

Workers are expected to be HACKs.

H elpful

A ttentive

C ourteous

K nowledgeable

Employees should treat all Coworkers, Students, Staff, and Faculty with respect, and make every effort to be as helpful as possible. If someone asks you for something you do not know how to do, help them find someone who does know how to help them.


Student Workers are answerable to all IAM Department Staff. Your Supervisors currently are: Huey Lewis, Mark Quilhot, and Tim Abel.

However, Employees are expected to follow orders from any IAM Staff, or Faculty. If a Faculty or Staff member gives you a task that conflicts with your current assignment, bring it to the attention of both taskmasters. If they are not available, bring the problem to ANY Supervisor's attention. Do not allow a confusing or conflicting set of requests to prevent you from being productive.

Equipment Security

Students are expected to help prevent theft by keeping a vigilant eye on all department resources. If you encounter any suspicious individuals, confidently speaking the words "May I Help you?" will usually scare off would-be-thieves. Never put yourself in any danger to prevent theft. Alert the front desk security if necessary.

Hours And Payment

Employees are paid by the hour, not by salary. Hours are recorded via the Workers App. A time sheet of all your punch times for the pay-period is available in the app, and you are expected to review it before time sheets are due. If you are not present for any part of your shift, you will not be paid for that time. If you punch in for hours outside of your shift, you will not be paid for those hours without the prior approval of a Supervisor. All such special arrangements must be documented with an email stating the terms agreed upon and sent to a Supervisor. Student workers may be scheduled for a maximum of 8 hours in a day, 20 hours in a week.

Payroll and Paychecks

Employees must complete payroll processing before logging any hours.

The college no longer offers checks, so students must sign up for direct deposit.

Paystubs may be viewed online, in Oasis.

  • Log into Oasis and click on "Payroll Information – Student Workers" located in the panel on the left-hand side.
  • Then click on the link that says "MY C Self Service" located in the main window.
  • The Self Service window will open and the student can select View Paycheck and timesheet information.


Employee schedules are made for each semester by Mark Quilhot. Mark will request availability for students a few weeks before the semester starts, and will generate a finalized schedule before the semester begins.


  • Student workers may REQUEST to miss a normally scheduled shift, but any request must be made 24 hours or more in advance of the missed shift.
  • Only the Supervisors will determine whether the absence is excused or not. Only the Supervisors will determine whether the lost time can be made up.
  • You must receive a Supervisor's permission PRIOR to any attempt to recoup missed time. If approved, missed shifts must be made up within the same work week. You CANNOT exceed the maximum allowed hours per week nor can you work more than eight ( 8 ) hours in a day, these are College wide regulations.
  • Even excused absences, if frequent, will negatively impact your chances of being rehired. Two incidences of unexcused absence will result in a written warning. A third incidence of unexcused absence will result in a second written warning. If you incur a fourth unexcused absence, you will be dismissed from this job.
  • You have been hired to work specified shifts, please make the maximum effort to be at your post.


  • If you are going to be late to work, please send an email or call. If for any reason you are unable to login to the time clock app, you must email explanation to mquilhot@colum.edu. You, alone, are responsible for the accuracy of your timesheet. Any discrepancies must be disputed using the online form provided in the Workers App.
  • Your paycheck will reflect your tardiness. Deductions will be based upon the quarter hour. Everybody gets a grace period for the first 15 minutes. At 16 minutes pass the start of your shift, you will lose 1/2 of an hour's worth of pay. If you punch in 31 minutes after the scheduled start of your shift, you will lose 3/4 of an hour's worth of pay. Folks, if you amble through the door 46 minutes after the start of your shift, you may as well enjoy a few more minutes of fresh air out front, because you will lose the entire hour's worth of pay.
  • Frequent tardiness will negatively impact your chances of being rehired. Two incidences of unexcused tardiness will result in a written warning. A third incidence of unexcused tardiness will result in a second written warning. If you incur a fourth unexcused tardy, you will be dismissed from this job.

Discipline and Termination

Employees will get two warnings for unacceptable behavior. Students will be terminated if a third infraction occurs. Violence in the workplace is never tolerated. Acts of violence will result in immediate termination, no warnings!

Eligibility to work

Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to work.


Infractions include but are not limited to:

  • Being rude to Students, Staff, or Faculty
  • Refusing to assist Students, Staff, or Faculty
  • Failure to follow equipment checkout procedures
  • Compromising the security of keypad codes
  • Unexcused absences or tardiness
  • Failure to notify a Supervisor of an absence at least 24 hours prior to the start of your scheduled shift.
  • Public displays of affection in the workplace, which can quickly lead to...
  • Sexual harassment which leads to immediate termination of employment!