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==Visual Design and Information Visualization==
==Visual Design and Information Visualization==
Visual Thinking by Rudolf Arnheim ISBN 0520242262 [[Image:LibraryBookIconIn.png]] [http://i-share.carli.illinois.edu/col/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?SAB1=visual+thinking&BOOL1=as+a+phrase&FLD1=Title+Words+%28TKEY%29&GRP1=AND+with+next+set&SAB2=arnheim&BOOL2=as+a+phrase&FLD2=Author+Words+%28NKEY%29&GRP2=AND+with+next+set&SAB3=&BOOL3=any+of+these&FLD3=Any+Words+%28GKEY%29&CNT=20&DB=local Call Number]
{|class="wikitable sortable"
! Title !! Artist !! ISBN !! In Columbia Library? !! Call Number
Information Visualization : Perception for Design (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Interactive Technologies) by Colin Ware ISBN 1558605118 [[Image:LibraryBookIconIn.png]] [http://i-share.carli.illinois.edu/col/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?Search_Arg=information+visualization+perception&SL=None&Search_Code=TALL&CNT=20&DB=local Call Number]
| Visual Thinking
| Rudolf Arnheim
| [[Special:BookSources/0520242262|0520242262]]
| {{yes}}
| [http://i-share.carli.illinois.edu/col/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?SAB1=visual+thinking&BOOL1=as+a+phrase&FLD1=Title+Words+%28TKEY%29&GRP1=AND+with+next+set&SAB2=arnheim&BOOL2=as+a+phrase&FLD2=Author+Words+%28NKEY%29&GRP2=AND+with+next+set&SAB3=&BOOL3=any+of+these&FLD3=Any+Words+%28GKEY%29&CNT=20&DB=local Call Number]
| Information Visualization : Perception for Design (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Interactive Technologies
| Colin Ware
| [[Special:BookSources/1558605118|1558605118]]
| {{yes}}
| [http://i-share.carli.illinois.edu/col/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?Search_Arg=information+visualization+perception&SL=None&Search_Code=TALL&CNT=20&DB=local Call Number]

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Open Source Books

Interactive Media Theory (includes interface design and usability)

This Book is available in the Columbia Library
This Book has been ordered by the Columbia Library
Title Artist ISBN In Columbia Library? Call Number
Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software Steven Johnson 0684868768 Yes Call Number
Swarm Intelligence James Kennedy and Russell C. Eberhart 1558605959 Yes Call Number
The Humane Interface Jef Raskin 0201379376 Yes Call Number
The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity Alan Cooper 0672326140 Yes Call Number
Designing Web Usability Jakob Nielsen 156205810X Yes Call Number
Pause & Effect: The Art of Interactive Narrative Mark S. Meadows 0735711712 Yes Call Number
Information Visualization Colin Ware 1558608192 Yes Call Number
Labyrinths: The Art of Interactive Writing and Design, Content Development for New Media (LAB) Domenic Stansberry 0534519482 Yes Call Number
Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art Scott McCloud 006097625X Yes Call Number
Hackers & Painters (Hard Cover) Big Ideas from the Computer Age Paul Graham 0596006624 Yes Call Number
Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

Information Design (Visual) Edward R. Tufte

Title Artist ISBN In Columbia Library? Call Number
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information Edward R. Tufte 0961392142 Yes Call Number
Envisioning Information Edward R. Tufte 0961392118 Yes Call Number
Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative Edward R. Tufte 0961392126 Yes Call Number
Visual & Statistical Thinking: Displays of Evidence for Decision Making Edward R. Tufte 0961392134 Yes Call Number
Beautiful Evidence Edward R. Tufte 0961392177 Yes Call Number

Process and Workflow

Title Author ISBN In Columbia Library? Call Number
Web Redesign: Workflow That Works Kelly Goto, Emily Cotler 0735714339 Yes Call Number

Teams & Project Management

Title Artist ISBN In Columbia Library? Call Number
Software for Your Head: Core Protocols for Creating and Maintaining Shared Vision Jim McCarthy, Michele McCarthy 0201604566 Yes Call Number
Dynamics of Software Development (Best Practices) (Paperback) Jim McCarthy 0735623198 Yes Call Number
The Usability Engineering Lifecycle Deborah J. Mayhew 1558605614 Yes Call Number

Visual Design and Information Visualization

Title Artist ISBN In Columbia Library? Call Number
Visual Thinking Rudolf Arnheim 0520242262 Yes Call Number
Information Visualization : Perception for Design (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Interactive Technologies Colin Ware 1558605118 Yes Call Number


Exploring Sound Design for Interactive Media: Joseph Cancellaro ISBN 1-4018-8102-5, Published by Thomson Delmar Learning 9071562.gif LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Modern Recording Techniques, Sixth Edition by David Miles Huber, Robert E. Runstein ISBN 0240806255 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Principles of Digital Audio by Ken C Pohlmann ISBN 0071441565 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

The Sound Reinforcement Handbook by Gary Davis, Ralph Jones ISBN 0881889008 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number


Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition by Eric Meyer ISBN 0596005253 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Learning XML by Erik T. Ray ISBN 0596004206 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Information Architecture for the World Wide Web: Designing Large-Scale Web Sites by Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville ISBN 0596527349 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

The Design of Sites: Patterns, Principles, and Processes for Crafting a Customer-Centered Web Experience, Van Duyne, Landay, & Hong, ISBN 0-201-72149-X, Addison-Wesley, 2007 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Information Architecture: Blueprints For The Web," Christina Wodtke, ISBN 0-7357-1250-6, New Riders, 2004 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Designing with Web Standards, by Jeffrey Zeldman, ISBN 0735712018, New Riders, LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Eric Meyer on CSS, by Eric Meyer, ISBN 0-7357-1245-X, New Riders LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Game Culture

Gaming As Culture: Essays on Reality, Identity And Experience in Fantasy Games (Paperback) by J. Patrick Williams (Editor) ISBN 0786424362 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Everything Bad is Good for You (Paperback) by Steven Johnson ISBN 1594481946 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy (Paperback) by James Paul Gee ISBN 1403965382 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Play Between Worlds: Exploring Online Game Culture (Hardcover) by T. L. Taylor ISBN 0262201631 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Half-Real: Video Games between Real Rules and Fictional Worlds (Hardcover) by Jesper Juul ISBN 0262101106 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

The Video Game Theory Reader (Paperback) by Mark J. P. Wolf ISBN: 0415965799 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Unit Operations: An Approach to Videogame Criticism (Hardcover) by Ian Bogost ISBN 026202599X LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

From Barbie to Mortal Kombat: Gender and Computer Games, edited by Justine Cassell and Henry Jenkins LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

The Game Design Reader: A Rules of Play Anthology edited by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Gender Inclusive Game Design: Expanding the Market by Sheri Graner Ray LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace by Janet H. Murray LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

The Medium of the Video Game by Mark Wolf LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Shared Fantasy: Role-playing Games as Social Worlds by Cary Alan Fine LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Synthetic Worlds: The Business and Culture of Online Games by Edward Castronova LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Killing Monsters: Why Children Need Fantasy, Super Heroes, and Make-Believe Violence (Hardcover) Publisher: Basic Books (April 2, 2002) Language: English ISBN-10: 0465036953 ISBN-13: 978-0465036950 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Simulation Design

Title Author ISBN In Columbia Library? Call Number
Learning by Doing: A Comprehensive Guide to Simulations, Computer Games, and Pedagogy in e-Learning and Other Educational Experiences (Hardcover) Clark Aldrich 0787977357 Yes Call Number

Flash & ActionScript

Title Author ISBN In Columbia Library? Call Number
Essential ActionScript 2.0 Colin Moock 0596006527 Yes Call Number
ActionScript for Flash MX the Definitive Guide, Second Edition Colin Moock 059600396X Yes Call Number


Learning C# 2005: Get Started with C# 2.0 and .NET Programming (2nd Edition) by Jesse Liberty and Brian MacDonald ISBN 0596102097 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Structured & Object-Oriented Problem Solving Using C++ by Andrew C. Staugaard, Jr. ISBN 0130284513 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Small C++ How to Program by Deitel ISBN 0131857584 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Head First Design Patterns by Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra ISBN 0596007124 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

SQL Pocket Guide, Second Edition By Jonathan Gennick ISBN 0596526881 SQLPocketGuide.jpg LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

SQL in a Nutshell, Second Edition A Desktop Quick Reference By Kevin Kline With Daniel Kline, Brand Hunt ISBN 0596004818 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides ISBN 0201633612 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

The Game Programmer's Guide to Torque: Under the Hood of the Torque Game Engine (GarageGames) (Paperback) by Edward F. Maurina III ISBN 1568812841 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Developing Application Frameworks in .NET by Xin Chen ISBN 1590592883 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

AI for Game Developers by David M. Bourg, Glenn Seemann ISBN 0596005555 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Physics for Game Developers by David M Bourg ISBN 0596000065 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Beginning Math and Physics for Game Programmers by Wendy Stahler ISBN 0735713901 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Concise Prelude to Programming: Concepts and Design by Steward Venit ISBN 1576761320 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Problem Solving and Programming Concepts by Maureen Sprankle ISBN 0130482684 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, David Flanagan ISBN 0596000480 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Programming Microsoft ADO.NET 2.0 Core Reference, by Dino Esposito ISBN 073562206X LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Refactoring to Patterns (The Addison-Wesley Signature Series) (Hardcover) by Joshua Kerievsky (Author) Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional (August 5, 2004) Language: English ISBN 0321213351 LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Beginning Database Design (Wrox Beginning Guides) by Gavin Powell ISBN 0764574906 BegginingDataDesign.jpg LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 and Databases by John Kauffman, Bradley Millington ISBN 0471781347 ASPNETDatabases.jpg LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Computer Architecture and Organization: An Integraded Approach by Miles Murdocca and Vincent Heuring, ISBN 9780471733881 Publisher: John Wiley & Sons LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

PIC in Practice by D.W. Smith, ISBN 0750648120 LibraryBookIconOrdered.png

Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software by Charles Petzold, ISBN 073940752X LibraryBookIconIn.png Call Number

Computer Systems: A Programmers Perspective by Randal Bryant and David O’Hallaron, ISBN 013034074X LibraryBookIconOrdered.png