Game Programming Class7

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Review Homework

Make sure to post all projects linked to your solution. Please pre/postpend your name or initial to your Homework when you post it.

Audio Editors


Where to get sounds


Creative Commons

Questionable Origin


XNA Audio Tool

  • SoundBank
  • WaveBank

First Audio Project [XACT Demo]

XNA Audio Classes


  private AudioEngine engine;
  private WaveBank waveBank;
  private SoundBank soundBank;


Discuss Midterm Project

2D Project will be your midterm it will be worth 20 points. It will also be featured in the Manifest Show. I'd like to make and XNA Game Room (maybe a game hall) and just setup a bunch of machines playing your games. If you are an senior I'd like you to enter it in the Seniors Show. The senior show will be in the hokin and your project will need to build for XBox.


  • Make an XNA project that uses and XACT Project to play a background track and a sound effect triggered from user input or a game event. (3 points)
  • Work on 2D Game Version 1 due next week
  • Build Website for 2D Game (2 points)