Game Programming Class6

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Review SVN

  • Import
  • Checkout
  • Update
  • Merge

Midterm Presentation

Discuss Midterm Projects requirements

Midterm Version 1 due on 3/15 game is functional and testable

  • Temp art
  • First Pass and Game mechanics may not be fully balanced or perfect but is playable
  • All Major Game features have been implemented
    • Implementations may not be complete but they should be functonal

Midterm Version 2 due on 3/29 game is ready for public testing

  • No Temp art
  • All Game features are implemented and testable
  • Audio
  • Animations

After the midterms games have been tested internally we will revise and then test them externally.

Simple Animantion

Animation Classes

Way too many classes for me to type here

  • PacMan States
  • PacMan Dying Animation
  • PacMan Eating

IntroAnimation Project

Ugly but flexible

  • DrawableAnimatableSprite.cs
  • CelAnimationManager.cs

Static Members

Another Technique

Ghosts as a static List


Proof of concept for Midterm Game

  • Make a small demo of the main concept of you game.
  • Temp art and missing elements are fine at this point
  • Don't worry about intro screens
  • Collect audio and art assets