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==Review SVN==
==Midterm Presentation==
==Midterm Presentation==

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I knew it was coming


Midterm Presentation

Discuss Midterm Projects requirements

Midterm Version 1 due on 3/15 game is functional and testable

  • Temp art
  • First Pass and Game mechanics may not be fully balanced or perfect but is playable
  • All Major Game features have been implemented
    • Implementations may not be complete but they should be functonal

Midterm Version 2 due on 3/29 game is ready for public testing

  • No Temp art
  • All Game features are implemented and testable
  • Audio
  • Animations

After the midterms games have been tested internally we will revise and then test them externally.

Simple Animation

what extra fields do we need for animation?


Platformer Example

Show platformer starter kit

simple and elegant but not that flexible

Animation Classes

Way too many classes for me to type here

  • PacMan States
  • PacMan Dying Animation
  • PacMan Eating

IntroAnimation Project IntroAnimation.zip

Ugly but flexible

  • DrawableAnimatableSprite.cs
  • CelAnimationManager.cs


Proof of concept for Midterm Game

  • Make a small demo of the main concept of you game.
  • Temp art and missing elements are fine at this point
  • Don't worry about intro screens
  • Collect audio and art assets