Game Programming Class5

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Game Services

Review Game Components


Turn the console class into a service

Each GameService needs to have a unique interface so that there is an entry in the system types table. The interface allows the game to return the correct type.

  • GameConsole.cs

All of these files are available in the IntoGameLibrary Project in the classfolders.

Advanced Sprites/Collision

Simple Collision

Check if two rectangles intersect. By adding a rectagle that represents the area of the sprite it's easy to ask xna if two rectangles intersect


Load both textures into a color array. Make a rectangle of the intersection of the two textures. Check all the pixels in intersection of the color arrays for intersecting pixels. the definition for both method is in the sprite class Sprite.cs

Chase and Evade

Example of simple states and simple vector geometry.

Better example not yet implemented

Version Control

Subversion (SVN)

Free SVN Book

Windows Client and tools


Collision test game.

create a game that collides two sprites. you can use either simple rectangle collision or per pixel as shown in class

Proposal for midterm game.

Prepare for a short (5-10) minute pitch of your midterm game. The proposals will happen next week in class. The proposal should include.

  1. Game Idea: the basic idea
  2. Game Description: longer description
  3. Game Goal: how do you win or what are you trying to accomplish
  4. Audience: who will play
  5. User Control: how does the player control the game