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Ship to XBox In class demo

Creators Club Deploy to XBox360 with visual studio Package for deployment Intro To 3D Vectors : Vector3 x , y , z

Right handed vs Left Handed Coordinate Systems RHCS and LHSC

   * 3D Basics
   * LHCS and RHCS - part 1
   * Cartesian coordinates

Matrices: A matrix is a class that is used to transform vectors. High Level Shader Language

HLSL pathway to Hardware.


Matrix that holds all Vertices send to video card View

frustum of the camera view ProjectionFlat 2D plane that intererates the 3D View

     The video card is handed a list of vertices the vetices are then places in the world. The View is used to see the world and the projection is the actual view surface.
   * Vertex Buffer
     Vertex buffer is a list of vertices that are used to make one of the XNA privative shapes.
   * VertexDeclaration

Matrix Translations Simple Translation How To: Draw Points, Lines, and Other 3D Primitives Modified How To: Draw Points, Lines, and Other 3D Primitives - source Matrices can be multiplied together to combine the effects to their translation. The order in which you combine the does matter.

   * I Identity
   * S Scale
   * R Rotate
   * O Orbit
   * T Translate - source


Create a simple 3D Vertex buffer that draws some kind of simple object. You can use points, Triangles, or lines, but no meshes.