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MonoGame sample



Lignting is fun http://gamedev.tutsplus.com/tutorials/implementation/how-to-generate-shockingly-good-2d-lightning-effects/

Particle's in IntoLibrary

  • easy to add and define
  • profile until your game runs slow

Ship to XBox

In class demo

  • Creators Club
  • Deploy to XBox360 with visual studio
  • Package for deployment

Intro To 3D

XNA 4 is very different than XNA 3.1 http://www.nelxon.com/blog/xna-3-1-to-xna-4-0-cheatsheet/


Vectors : Vector3 x , y , z

Right handed vs Left Handed Coordinate Systems RHCS and LHSC

Matrices: A matrix is a class that is used to transform vectors.

High Level Shader Language

HLSL pathway to Hardware.

World: Matrix that holds all Vertices send to video card

View: frustum of the camera view; near and far clipping plane

Projection: Flat 2D plane that is interpolated from the 3D View

The video card is handed a list of vertices. The vertices are then places in the world. The View is used to see the world and the projection is the actual view surface.

  • Vertex Buffer :Vertex buffer is a list of vertices that are used to make one of the XNA privative shapes.
  • VertexDeclaration

Mono Game Shaders


Matrix Translations

Simple Translation

How To: Draw Points, Lines, and Other 3D Primitives

Modified How To: Draw Points, Lines, and Other 3D Primitives - source

Matrices can be multiplied together to combine the effects to their translation. The order in which you combine them does matter.

  • I Identity
  • S Scale
  • R Rotate
  • T Translate
  • O Orbit


Intro3DVert1.zip - source

3D Primitives

  • LineList
  • LineStrip
  • TriangleList
  • TriangleStrip

DrawUserPrimitives Project


Create a simple 3D Vertex buffer that draws some kind of simple object. You can use points, Triangles, or lines, but no meshes.