Emergent Web Technologies Spring 2009 JS Crash Course

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JavaScript, the much maligned web language. There will always be attempts to replace it (VBScript, Applets, ActiveX). Some have even been quite successful (Flash, Silverlight). But none have managed to kill off the little language that could.

Why hasn't it died though? Have you seen some code that's out there? It's a joke! And what about all the weird compatibility problems between Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera? Why not just use Flash? At least it works!

You may have you used JavaScript before. You may have hated using it. You may have resorted to using Flash or Silverlight to do anything cool and interactive with your site. If you hate JavaScript, I hope to make you at least like it. And if you already like JavaScript, I hope to make you love it. Right now, I don't think there's any other language that's in a better position for long term success on the web than JavaScript.

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