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'''VIDEOS''' http://iam.colum.edu/screenz/fa12
*[[DD Class1]]  Intro to Data Design
{{DD PLaybyPlay}}
*[[DD Class2]]  asp.net Web Forms
*[[DD Class3]]  Basic Data Binding
*[[DD Class4]]  Intro to State and Persistence Basic SQL || web services
*[[DD Class5]]  Basic SQL intro to ADO
*[[DD Class6]]  More SQL and ADO
*[[DD Class7]]  LINQ and Entity Framework
*[[DD Class8]]  Table Relations 1st normal form / Joins and Views More Controls and Binding
*[[DD Class9]]  Nested and Related Controls DataReader || WCF
*[[DD Class10]]  2NF, 3NF and Many to Many / Transactions ||
*[[DD Class11]]  Advanced SQL
*[[DD Class12]]  Higher normal forms user controls 
*[[DD Class13]]  Final Project
*[[DD Class14]]  Objects and XML/Exporting and backup
*[[DD Class15]]  Final
[[DD Advanced ADO]]
[[Template:DD PLaybyPlay]]
[[DD Logon Project]]
[[DD Sessions]]

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Data Design


DD Syllabus
DD Student Sites

DD ScreenCasts

.Net Framework Class Browser


VIDEOS http://iam.colum.edu/screenz/fa12


DD Advanced ADO DD Logon Project DD Sessions

Template:DD PLaybyPlay


ASP.NET 2.0 controls with CSS 2.0 Adapters http://www.asp.net/cssadapters/

Design Patterns for ASP.NET Developers, Part 1: Basic Patterns http://www.devx.com/dotnet/Article/33695