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Into and Data Design

Read Syllabus

DD Syllabus

C# Review

Important c# concepts

If you feel you need help with c# I strongly suggest getting and reading

Learning C# ,Jesse Liberty O'Reilly & Associates;
(September 2002), ISBN: 0596003765

History of Databases

Flat Files

Hierarchical Databases

Network Databases

Relational Databases

Microsoft API's

MDAC Microsoft Data Access Components



Data access in c. Mature open protocol


Data access in c++. More abstract. Fast


Built on top of OLEDB to allow access from other Languages


.NET Data api. Based on XML


Part of ASP.NET 2

ASP.NET and ADO.NET Exmaples

XML File full of cheese


The New way. This example uses a flat file as a Data Source

HelloData.aspx Source

The Old way.

HelloDataOld.aspx Source


  • Read Intro and Chapter 1 'Data Modeling Past and Present' in Beginning Database Design (BDD)
  • Read Intro and Chapter 1 'Introduction to ASP.NET 2.0 with ADO.NET' in Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 Databases (BAD)
  • Install Visual Studio Pro 2005
    • PC Requirements Windows XP sp2 or Vista
    • OS X requirements
      • Microsoft Virtual PC (in the msdnaa library)
      • Windows XP sp2 (in the msdnaa library)