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All IAM students have an account with our department that provides them space on our server (referred to in the department as their "Z" drive, about 2GB of storage). Inside this directory, you have a folder called "pub". Anything you place inside the pub folder is online, and accessible by any internet user.

Create A Simple Web Page

Launch Text Editor

Launch or open your text editor. Use a text editor that is friendly to code such as Sublime, Scite, or NotePad. You don't want to use a word processor as they insert characters that won't be interpreted correctly by a browser.

Create Framework

Here is a skeletal framework that you can use for your web page: <!doctype html>

Title of Your Page

Document Title

Paragraph of content


Save the file with the extension .htm or .html, and with the name index or default. Examples: index.htm, default.htm, index.html, default.html. Any of these four names will work, and will automatically show when you browse to your pub folder.

  • Don’t use any spaces or special characters in the file name.
  • Save it (or copy it) to your pub folder.


Open a browser and enter the address to your pub folder which follows this pattern: / students / loginname If your name is John Smith and your login is John.Smith231, then your address would be If you have included an index or default page in your directory then that page will show automatically. Otherwise, you will need to include the specific page name or the name of a subfolder.

Example student web page addresses:

Creating A Class Site

In your pub directory create a new folder with the name of your course. If your course's name includes multiple words, title the folder without spaces. Example: for a course called Public Art, you would name your folder PublicArt.

Copying A Sample Page

  1. Navigate to the sample student web page.
  2. In the browser, go to View>Source
  3. Copy the text, and paste it into an editor (such as BBedit on the Mac or Scite on the PC).
  4. Change the content to suit your needs (e.g., substitute your name - Hieronymous Bosch - in place of Student Name).
  5. Save the file as index.html inside your pub > course folder (such as pub/PublicArt)