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Complied vs Interpreted Languages: pre-processed by compiler into machine language prior to execution Interpreted Languages: complied at run time every time the program is executed aka a run time language

Interpreted is not more human readable. It can be just as abstract ad complied code. The difference is how the machine reads and executes the code.

Interpreted languages read and parse the source input every time a they are executed. After each line is parsed it is converted to machine language and it is executed. Interpreted languages are often referred to as scripting languages and are often good for small projects that need to be deployed quickly.</p> Interpreted Scripting Languages are often used on the web

Common Interpreted Languages are Perl,PHP, Python and Ruby

Compiled Languages

Compiled languages use a compiler to read and parse the input source code and convert it into machine language. The output binary file is then executed. If the source changes the program needs to be recompiled. Complied programs often execute faster and add extra layer of security because the source is not always readily available and executable. Complied code also tends to take up less memory and system resources.

HelloWorld in several common programming languages Hello World Languages