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AlphaLab is a club devoted to the furthering of the Columbia College Chicago game-making community.

We cover everything for creating a game from concept to in-depth design and art decision used in development process. The club also features talks/presentations on several topics and software used in game development and even puts on Game Jams for all IAM students to participate in!


- Enlarging our working portfolios - Teaching students something new every week, preferably something outside their concentration - Practicing working together in a friendly environment - Giving newer students a chance to do/learn more about game creation without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed - Providing a social atmosphere for all Columbia students interested in the game-making process.


Game Jams


President Adan Benitez

Vice President Timothy Chatman

Secretary Adrian Ratuit

Primary SOC Representative Adan Benitez

Alternate SOC Representative Timothy Chatman

Faculty Advisor Janell Baxter


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