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   Proposal Template
<a href="">.rtf</a> | <a href="<a href="">.pdf</a>
<a href="" >Documentation Template</a>

<a href="">Learning XML</a>
<a href="">Intro to HTML</a>
<a href="">Robot Exclusion </a>

   <a href="">W3 CSS</a>
<a href="">CSS Zen Garden</a>
<a href="">CSS Panic Guide</a>
<a href="">Listutorial</a>
<a href="">Minimal Markup</a>
<a href="">Mini Tabs</a>
   <a href="">Layout Resevoir</a>
<a href="">CSS Positioning</a>
<a href="">CSS Layout Techniques</a>
<a href="">CSS Layouts (Saila)</a>
<a href="">CSS Discussion</a>

   <a href="">DIST</a>
<a href="">IMcat terms</a>

<a href="">Categorizing users</a>
<a href="">Psychographic Profiles</a>

Articles and Tutorials
   <a href="">Gerry McGovern</a>
<a href="">Webreference</a>
<a href="">Slashdot</a>
<a href="">Use It</a>

Examples and Inspiration
<a href = "" >k10k</a>
<a href="">&quot;thebrain&quot;</a>
<a href="" >Relational Thesaurus</a>
<a href="" >FluxCore</a>
<a href = "" >Obsession W/ Chess</a>
<a href = "" >Scott McCloud</a>
<a href = "" >banja</a>
<a href = "" >squidsoup</a>
<a href = "" >habbo hotel</a>
<a href = "" >schmidtfoto</a>
<a href = "" >Amazon Search</a> (quasimondo)
<a href="" >Square Root of 1</a>
<a href="" >Seven</a>
<a href="" >The Spot</a>
<a href = "" >Singing horses</a>
<a href = "" >Making Legos</a>
<a href ="" >Buck LA</a>
<a href ="" >Art|Eye</a>
<a href = "" >Flashcan Animator</a>
<a href = "" >Imagination Cubed</a>
<a href = "" >Software Structures</a> - shockwave