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Review History of Markup from last class

What is the connection between XML, XHTML and CSS?

Introduction to XML

Introduction to CSS

There are four ways to use stylesheets:

  1. In-line
  2. Embedded
  3. Linked (External)
  4. Import* 

In class we will discuss the first three methods and create an example of the third. The fourth method, import, will not be covered in class because there is sketchy support for it (which actually turns out to be a plus if you want a specific style sheet that some browsers won't be able to see or use).

Class Assignment

Create an experimental CSS file that does the following:

         * Use a div
         * Use a span
         * Use at least one class
         * Use at least one ID
         * Change the background color of a div, and the text color
         * Change the background color of a span, and the text color
         * Add a border to an element that only shows on two sides



AIM Assignment 2

AIM Quiz 1