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#WYSIWYG editors (such as Dreamweaver) vs. using a text editor
#WYSIWYG editors (such as Dreamweaver) vs. using a text editor
#Broad context of HTML/XHTML/CSS/XML
#Broad context of HTML/XHTML/CSS/XML
#Evolution of markup - where it came from, where it is going.

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Website Construction Tutorial Plan


  1. WYSIWYG editors (such as Dreamweaver) vs. using a text editor
  2. Broad context of HTML/XHTML/CSS/XML


  1. Note about available resources at Columbia
    1. Server space (IAM)
  2. Recommendations
    1. Text editors (HTMLkit, SCITE)
    2. Image editors (GIMP, Photoshop, ImageReady)
    3. FTP applications (WinSCP, FileZilla)
    4. Server spaces
    5. Domain name services
      1. Redirecting to your site

Quick Overview

TODO image series showing what the website construction process looks like on screen

About the Web


  1. Brief history of the Internet/WWW/HTML
  2. Vocabulary (interlaced with above)
    1. Internet
    2. WWW
    3. FTP
    4. Browsers
    5. Servers
    6. IP address
    7. URL


  1. Justification: content extracted from presentation
  2. Justification II: HTML vs XHTML
  3. Basic XHTML/CSS doc formats
  4. Single page construction
    1. Basic text editing SCiTE Text Wrangler
    2. Links
    3. Lists
    4. Images
    5. Tables (with caveat)
  5. 5. Multiple page construction
    1. Linking between pages
    2. Organizing site structure (and files)
    3. Basic navigation system

Posting to a server, testing


Text Editors

FTP Programs

  • PC Filezilla winSCP
  • OSX cyberduck