2017 IAM Summer Challenge

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2017 Summer Challenge Theme

June is the month for IAM's summer challenge. The annual challenge is like a game jam, but with more time to build out projects. Work can start at any time after the theme is posted (June 1st), but must be completed by June 30th. All participants will receive free custom shirts for participating, and there may be other prizes!


"Traversing Chicago"

Create a project that addresses navigating the city in an innovative way, and one that is not purely about entertainment. Consider incorporating a social, economic, political, or other alternative perspective.

Use any technology you like (from pen-and-paper to AR/VR - your choice).


Creative Prompts

  • "Traversing the landscape is the best part of the voyage": have you experienced this in Chicago?
  • What barriers have you seen in Chicago (social, economic, political, or others)? How do people move between them?

Topic Ideas


verb: traverse

   1. travel across or through. "he traversed the forest"
   synonyms:	travel over/across, cross, journey over/across, pass over; 
   wander, roam, range: "he traversed the deserts of Iran"
   consider or discuss the whole extent of (a subject): "he would traverse a number of subjects and disciplines"
   2. move (something) back and forth or sideways.

noun: traverse

   1. an act of traversing something.

Judge, Mentor, and Consultant: Julian Grant

Acclaimed filmaker, animator, and visual artist Julian Grant has joined IAM and will be providing insight and guidance to the 2017 Summer Challenge participants.



  • At least one team member is a member of an Interactive Arts and Media department major (or animation and visual effects student).
  • At least one team member is available on June 30th at 2:00 for the challenge wrap up


All participants will receive a free t-shirt for participating. Additionally there may be other prizes!