2017 IAM Summer Challenge

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2017 Summer Challenge Theme

"Chicago: Traversing the landscape is the best part of the voyage"

Whether a physical/spatial landscape, or looking at navigating the city in terms of social, semantic, political, or other perspectives - create an interactive arts/media project that tackles the theme "Traversing Chicago". Use any technology you like (from pen-and-paper to AR/VR - your choice).


Acclaimed filmaker, animator, and visual artist Julian Grant has joined IAM and will be providing insight and guidance to the 2017 Summer Challenge participants.



  • At least one team member is a member of an Interactive Arts and Media department major (or animation and visual effects students).
  • At least one team member is available on June 30th at 2:00 for the challenge wrap up


All participants will receive a free t-shirt for participating. Additionally there may be prizes!