Wacom - Cintiq Companion(Windows 10)

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What's Included?

(Total of 4 items)
Cintiq Companion tablet
Cintiq stylus (pen)
Travel bag
Misc. cables

Note:This item is a (1) Day checkout!
No charger is provided! 


-Display Size 13.3 inches
- Advanced Control 2048 levels pen pressure, natural feel and multi-touch 
-CPU - Intel® Core™ i-7-3517U processor, 1.9 GHz
-Micro SD slot
-8 Gigs of RAM
-Multi-Touch - Yes
-Pressure Levels 2048, both pen tip and eraser
-Displayable Colors (maximum) 16.7 million 


Wacom site


Cintiq-windows.jpg Cintiq-case.jpg