Time Based Composing class 4

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Discussion of Project #1

Due Oct. 2 see description on week 2 wiki

will include treatment and storyboard

Writing a treatment http://www.internetcampus.com/treatmen.htm


  • Who does it speak to (who is it for)
  • What is the central idea?
  • What process does it use, how does it do it?
  • How long is it?
  • What does it look and sound like?

Images that make interesting use of space

Visual communication

rights and responsibilities as a creator

the power of images: http://www.someofitsparts.com/archives/24

"Every image we choose has content that will either shape culture or reflect it; the choice is up to us."

"Societies throughout the ages have had different ideals for female beauty", says Katie Ford, chief executive officer of Ford Models, whose megastar models include Christie Brinkley and Rachel Hunter. "The question is: When does that become destructive?"

body image and the media: http://www.designobserver.com/archives/024062.html

After Effects: review of concepts and Puppet Animation

Portions of an image can be animated - resembling shape morphing in Flash, but with bitmaps.

In-class demonstration