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(I threw everything into this template to see if we could better organize everything on the front page. Tell me what you think. --Chris)

Welcome to the interactive arts and media wiki, provided by the interactive arts and media department at columbia college chicago. The purpose of this wiki is to provide current students, faculty, and staff with easily-accessible information regarding the department and simple communication between each other. Most students are generally required to review sections for classes written by their instructors. All parties are also encouraged to utilize available resources to enhance their columbia experience.

Faculty and Staff Wiki Help

FOCA Exam - Foundations of Computer Applications


The IAM Course Diagrams are useful for viewing the IAM curriculum.

The iam department currently offers 2 majors and 1 minor:

(Note that this page his the Course Diagram thumnail twice because the IAM class template has been linked on the main page. --Chris)


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