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Student Accounts Logon: FirstName.LastName (without special characters like ' or - long lastnames my be trucated) Password: OASISID + IAM!08 (ie 666666IAM!08)

Students have access to various shares on our network.

z:\ or \\siam2\user (or smb://siam2/user on mac) is the students work share. You each have your own folder and get 5.2 gigs of storage and a website.

l:\ or \\iamlibrary\library (or smb://iamlibrary) is the library share that hold the sound effects library, video library, and MDNAA software images all students and faculty have read only access to this share

m:\ or \\siam2\classfolders (or smb://siam2/classfolders) is the classfolder share. This share is used to store files related to classes. Students have READ only access to this share except for the drop folder that you can write to to turn in assignment duplicates.

You can see who's working in the open studios:

and find a tutor online