Sound & Motion class 4

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Scott McCloud’s discussion of types of art.[[1]]

Asn. 2 Due – critique

Asn. 2 discussion points:

Following are points we will be discussing in Tuesday’s critique of Asn. 2. You may want to ask yourselves these questions about your own work before Tues. so you can be prepared to discuss your intentions and choices.

- How do the shot choices advance a particular aesthetic agenda?

  • For eg., did you use dark shots because you want the overall effect to be moody and mysterious?

- what meaning do the shots collectively convey?

  • For eg.,
    • life is harsh and cruel
    • life is mysterious and you can’t know anything for sure
    • things aren’t what they appear
    • etc.

- Are the shots individually or collectively successful at asking/answering a question(s)?

- Do any of the shots hook our attention? How?

- How does composition relate to meaning? Is everything in the frame used to create a rich/nuanced/clear impression or message?

- What is meant by “everything” in the preceding?

    • Color
    • Background
    • Framing
    • Camera movement (if any)
    • Lighting

- Are transitions between shots successful? Interesting? Smooth? Jarring?

Image/sound relationships

Sound recording glossary of microphone terms [[2]]

decibel [[3]]

sound and hearing [[4]]

waves and wave transmission [[5]]

Intro to Asn. 3

For next week

Work on Asn. 3 – think about graphic matches as well as sound sources and transitions that reflect the theme. View one war movie from this list, or another of your choice, and be prepared to talk about it:

The Deer Hunter

Apocalypse Now

Come and See

The War Tapes

The War on Iraq

Iraq for Sale

Jacob’s Ladder


Born on the Fourth of July

The Thin Red Line