Sound & Motion class 3

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View Asn. 1 – 10 shots

(Review how to digitize and make available if necessary)

Discuss Asn. 2

More about using Premiere:

1 – set up project location

2 – choose parameters


*720 x 480 (for SD)

*29.97 FPS


3 – capture and/or import

4 – set in/out points for clips

drag to source “monitor” first

R click scroll down to In or Out

5 – drag from source window into timeline

6 – to shorten a clip once in timeline, use razor and delete extra

7 – to manipulate sound separately from video, R click and click on Unlink

8 – to change amplitude of audio, use keyframes and change Vert. position

9. – to add title, choose Title/New Title. Name it, it appears in bin as clip. Choice of font, color, size, position. Drag into timeline – in front of clip for title in black, on top of clip in higher video channel for key over video.

How to render

What to do about sound

Composition, Continuity and Meaning

screen last half “Conventional Space”

review reading for this week – Zettl

screen “Style”, “Crayon Pirate” (Kevin Richey) and “Come and See” (H. Klimov) for composition, continuity egs

For eg. of theme “War and Peace”

“In the Minds of Men” Any media can be used to talk about violence, even children’s drawings

Daniel Reeves – “Smothering Dreams”

Michael Moore= letters from Jenny, #s25, 27, 32

readings for next week

in Classfolders:

  • Shot by Shot excerpt
  • Walter Murch article
  • Adobe Premiere Editing Basics
  • Microphones